Portsmouth-based producer Jason Knight (IITone) specialises in creating dance floor-focused, bass-heavy electronic music spanning a broad and varied spectrum
of sound from Trance, Techno and Electro through to Dubstep, Breakbeat
and Drum & Bass.

His Breakspoll nominated album 'Clean Living In A Dirty Age' helped kick start Portsmouth-based label Dusted Breaks in 2009 following a string of releases on Standard Audio, Distinctive, Brighton Breaks, Nitrous, West and Kiss My Bass Records.

IITone has collaborated with some of electronic music's finest talents such as Afghan Headspin, Steelzawheelz, Mr. Vega, Hexadecimal, Filtroniks, Udy, Mela Busby, Embee and TheeIdeeuhtDansKuhmpuhnee.