• Portsmouth-based producer Jason Knight (IITone) specialises in creating dance floor-focused, bass-heavy electronic music spanning a broad and varied spectrum
    of sound from Trance, Techno and Electro through to Dubstep, Breakbeat
    and Drum & Bass.
  • His Breakspoll nominated album 'Clean Living In A Dirty Age' helped kick start Portsmouth-based label Dusted Breaks in 2009 following a string of releases on Standard Audio, Distinctive, Brighton Breaks, Nitrous, West and Kiss My Bass Records.
  • IITone has collaborated with some of electronic music's finest talents such as Afghan Headspin, Steelzawheelz, Mr. Vega, Hexadecimal, Filtroniks, Udy, Mela Busby, Embee and TheeIdeeuhtDansKuhmpuhnee.