Frédéric Vergez

Geneva, Switzerland

Software architect and developer, i've been working on "mobile devices" long enough (7+ years).

And at the moment, I've got a feeling it's time for a change...

Building applications, backends, teams and finding solutions for very small to very large companies.

I've got an extensive expertise in Java development, architecture and database administration on which i've been working for more than 10 years..

Opensource addict and believer, I'm a passion-driven geek, interested in all technologies, programming languages and eager to learn new things.

My interest now mainly goes to domains like:

- learning statistics, probability and analytics methods,

- robotics, machine learning, data mining

- applying functional programming to these domains:

(def fav-langs #{Clojure Haskell OCaml F#})

I'm currently employed by a cool company in Geneva area.

  • Work
    • Mobility Architect