Ilir Beqiri

Florence - Italy

Ilir Beqiri

Florence - Italy

The day his father got out of jail.

A great man was borned. That January 8th of 27 summers ago in that blistering winter cold, humanity was bored and fed up with all of that life situation, God decided to give them a little relief, life, hope and mostly SMILES (is what they needed the most), so he sent on earth one of his most precious jewels, the one that was later going to be discovered as: - the most authentic human, vivid, cheerfull, strong, cute, sexy as hell but straight from heaven, irresistible and overly intelligent, God's will and God's word and also a little of G0d's sense of humor(lets not call him a joke), the one that was going to give a sense to things, the one that gave colors to colors, THE TROUT, the eunuch(UNIQUE), the idol of all the women and girls, the Justin Bieber of all the time, the only nightmare of Chuck Norris, the one that was always some stepps ahead of every one else, the one who plans to change the world but cant change his fuckin socks every day.

That day God gave you a piece of him.

That day God gave humanity a piece of heaven.

Well now- God gave my Ex-es a piece of Shit.

That day God gave Anisa a masterpiece of Work.

That day God gave away his best and named it


Since little he was known for his trouble, his loud voice, his cute face, his victimism, his cries, his good tastes in women(as Biggie Smalls reffered to Ilir Beqiri in one of his songs - He was about six and a half when he used to fuck girls in the Ass), his laughs, his ambition, his dreams, his big ears, his performances, his intelligence, his knowledge, his Divinity, his Royalty, his originallity, his autenthicity, his loyalty and mostly he was picked for his BIG BIG BIG sense of humor that was always followed with LOVE for one-another.


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