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Ilocked is an escape the room game stationed in Nottingham town center, in contrast to numerous escape room games this is something entirely different than a key hunt.

Our puzzles deliver an incredibly special escape room experience and are ideal for any travelers who are looking for activities to do in Notts. Our escape rooms in Nottingham use hi-tech puzzles to produce a challenging 60 - minute countdown against the time clock to escape.

We welcome all experience levels and generations to our rooms however with the exception of very young kids and people with medical conditions that might not be suitable for stressful environments.

If you want to check the prices of our escape games just head online to our website where you can also find which booking slots are readily available to book.

More and more people are looking for alternatives to going out and drinking at the weekends. Venues such as board game cafes are becoming more popular due to people wanting a more wholesome evening of fun and that's the best way to describe the time you will have with Ilocked.

As soon as the door shuts a 60 minute countdown kicks off and it's time to put your skill-sets against our challenging puzzles to attempt and make it out ahead of the countdown runs out.

If you're coming to Nottingham just for a come by as we are recommended on many "fun things to do in Nottingham" lists and we're happy to provide you with directions and parking advice if you contact us.

So what on earth is an escape the room game ?

An escape room game is an activity where a team of people have a specified amount of time (normally 60 minutes) to deal with a sequence of puzzles of various types that give clues guiding you to the answer of the remaining puzzle which will unlocked the door of the escape room. Our escape the room games in Nottingham are a little different than most however so don't anticipate the normal searching around for keys and locks, we will definitely be putting your problem solving skills to the test.

We make use of state of the art puzzles that accomplish a very high degree of immersion through technology such as ipads and computers, recorded audio and creative scenery.

If this is your first time don't worry we are able to provide hints and tips to make your experience as difficult or as easy as you want it to be!