Briliantina L Hidayat

I hate numbers. That was the main reason for me taking Mass Communications as my major subject in Sebelas Maret University Solo. After I was graduated, Mass Communications was still becoming a mystery for me to use as an applied science and knowledge. I was clueless and lost in production department of garment industries. As for your info, production department means numbers in every single way. How it was ironic for me. Took a couple years there before I found the way back to communications tracks.

When I was thinking about communications in my early days, I always thought about Public Relations. But in fact, Advertising industry is the one that finally made me fall in love with. I was astonished by the working rhythms, eager to dig about the products and the people. I was mesmerized by the fact that words can be a lethal powerful weapon when we used it rightfully. I was even infatuated by life. I experienced that life gives us various human insights.

Wandering in advertising world for years gave me the opportunities in digging up the knowledge at multinational and small-scale advertising agencies; grab the experiences, win some trophies, and unfortunately trapped me in a stagnant situation. Is this all? Can’t I move further? Can’t I stake higher? What about Direct Marketing? I haven’t totally involved with Marketing Events either.

Now, here I am, braving the communications field; trust myself as the dealer, the thinker and the executer rely on my years of experience. Need communications solutions anybody? Need my writing skills? I'm not random in both area ^_^