Igor Alves

Made in Brazil. Portuguese vintage. American dreamer.

Film / TV / Online Media Producer. Writer. Marketing Strategist. Award-winner. Triple-threat. And what?

I dream the big picture, but work the details. I believe each project, each client, each colleague deserves passion, dedication and respect. I believe in reaching and delivering beyond expectations - yes, it does mean taking risks dammit! I believe we should learn and get better every day.

Dare I say I am a human bridge between strategy, functionality and creativity, and keeper of the client-team workflow? The glory of producer-hood.

I root for startups and local businesses. Lean and agile baby. Believer in the power of cinema and new forms of storytelling.

Fluent in Portuguese, both "Brazilian" and "Portuguese" - which is a neat bar trick at this point. Almost totally fluent in Spanish and I can get by on my French - after a couple of glasses of wine.

NYC lover, Newark evangelist and Jersey City fan. Frugal foodie. Soul traveler. Inspiration junkie.

  • Work
    • DreamPlay Media
  • Education
    • Master's Degree in Global Affairs and Economics
    • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
    • Ph.D Dropout