Iman Abdurrahman

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Iman Abdurrahman is from Bandung, Indonesia and the Advocacy and Networking Coordinator of Indonesian Community Radio Networks– JRKI. He is the Director of Indonesian Community Media School. He worked as a radio activist and consultant community media for 12 years. He represented JRKI to received “Suardi Tasrif Award” in 2008 from AJI (Alliance Journalist Independent) Indonesia. He is bachelor from STIKOM Bandung, Indonesia.

Since 2006 he join as a member of AMARC ( World Association of Community Radio Broadcaster), 2007 involved Global Knowledge 3 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010 attended AMARC Confrence in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011 States Alumni (International Visitor Leadership Program – IVLP alumni to United States of America), 2014 'Community Radio: The Anti Corruption Movment in Indonesia' speaker for International Conference on News and Radio Journalism in Digital Age, Strasbourg, France. Team AEIF (speaker) Anti Corruption Campaigne, Dili, Timor Leste. and 2015 'Sharing of experiences of community radio on disaster management in Japan and Indonesia.' UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai, Japan.

Iman Abdurrahman was also a Program Coordinator Community Radio For Accountability and Transparency, Combine Resource Institution-PNPM Support Facility, 2013-2014, Project Officer Radioland for Healthy Food Market, JRKI-World Health Organization, 2010 - 2011, Consultant Community Radio Development for CBDRM (Community Base Disaster Risk Management) in Nabire, Papua, Project Concern International Indonesia, 2009

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