Eszter Imre

Göteborg, Sweden

I was born in Hungary in the year when the Halley's Comet came closest to Earth. My favorite color is the Autumn, and I believe in signs. I play guitar and some other instruments, I'm passionate about typography
and calligraphy, I love dancing and smiling. Sunshine, dance anytime anywhere, the smell of the rain, to make people smile, a good talk, to reach goals, nice music, unexpected meetings... ... these make me happy.
I work with clay, wood, metal, glass, textile, stone
and paper. I think my most unexpected quality is that
I can write with my left hand, even in a backwards direction, even simultaneously with both of my hands. (I'm right handed.)
I'm a thinker, I like to analyse things, understand, and make thing easier, find the best solution. Curious, precise, and independent is the 3 words I would use to describe myself.

  • Work
    • self employed
  • Education
    • master of fine art, design, sculpture