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"Ghana Health Declaration Form." This is a valid declaration by the government of Ghana, reflecting its commitment to attaining an AIDS-free country. The Health Declaration is one part of the international AIDS declaration. I'd like to have a moment to talk about what the HIV/AIDS announcement means for Ghana. It essentially says that the government of Ghana has decided to have a public health strategy to AIDS, and is dedicated to implement an action plan according to those plans. In other words, they are going to make certain that there are no gaps in treatment and protection.

Now let us look at the Ghana health declaration form. There are eight key columns of action that it addresses. They are: To implement an effective public health program, ensuring access to quality health services; providing access to social and economic programs targeted at improving the status of girls and young guys; employ programs focused on tribal and rural people; make sure that HIV/AIDS prevalence is reduced among different groups of people; work towards creating an environment which encourages family planning; also, execute policies that reduce poverty and increase access to higher education. By looking carefully at these in the context of Ghana, we can see a few interesting gaps in coverage which could be addressed.

The first column would be to implement an effective public health program. So, how does this fit in with all the Ghanaian model? In Accra, the mind of each district or"neighborhood health office" could have responsibility for coordinating all of the different health businesses in their region of responsibility. For instance, say you had a disease outbreak in the rural industry of Ghana. If your regional health office did not match with the General Medical Council of Ghana, or the Department of Public Health, and in case your county was not included in the national roll out, you wouldn't have the ability to acquire an HIV/AIDS test result, or some form of affordable AIDS medication.