Indra Gunawan

IS Manager and Stock Investor in Indonesia

A Married man with wonderful wife and two lovely kiddos.

Great believe in numbers, knowledge, self intuition, science, karma, in all gods, and everything in the equations of logic that lead to a reason.

INTP (Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, Perception), Quick learner, Observer, Friendly, Unexpressive, Quite, Selective in trusting people, Manage people feeling, Amiable, underlying stubbornness and sociable person who can both absorb and impart information.

Non Aggressive, authority is normally attained via expertise. Good listener who can inspire and build trust in others.

Dislikes change, particularly if it is sudden; and need to know the reason behind. Reluctance to make decisions prior to have a full big picture, report, investigation of the evidence to avoid surprise.

Thoughtful, kind person who dislikes trouble. Prefer spontaneous action - Not a Good organizer nor communicator; adaptive and easy to gets along with most people in a favorable situation. Avoid politics, Dislikes antagonism and face-to-face confrontation and who will back down to avoid hassle.

Visual Mathematician, that were gifted at spotting pattern, both in pictures and numbers combined with overall intelligence and sensitivity; very like to test own instincts — particularly in relate to curiosity and intuition.

Keen for helping people and aim to leave a legacy that people can remember. Enjoying all the life journey collecting the missing puzzle, connecting all the dots and trust everything will connect in the future and happened for a reasons.

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  • Work
    • Manager
  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology
    • Master Degree in Applied Finance