Indranil Chandra

Innovative Maker in Mumbai, India

Indranil Chandra

Innovative Maker in Mumbai, India

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Principal ML & Data Engineer @ Upstox | Aspiring Social Entrepreneur

Creative technologist with 6.5 years of experience in leveraging ML/DL techniques and Cloud offerings to deliver consumer-centric products. Portfolio includes wound analysis device, assistive device for paralytics, real-time trade stream processing system, human-in-the-loop-AI system, ML based digital loan application processing system, internet scale Lake House (Data Lake + Data Warehouse).

My expertise lies in identifying problems, conceiving ideas to solve them and transforming ideas into a minimum viable product with my rapid prototyping and team building skills.

My areas of interest include FinTech, ML & Data based products, Cloud-native solutions architecture and Process optimization design.

I am passionate about building affordable medical diagnostic, screening and assistive devices.

I strongly believe that problem solving is an art that can only be mastered with creativity and strive towards solving technical problems creatively.

My motto in life is - to become a better human being and help others.

Keynote speaker at multiple Google DevFests, Developer Weekend and winner of 11 hackathons.


Connect with me on LinkedIn or at [email protected] to discuss more about my work.



1. Speaker @ Google DevFests in Mumbai and Bangalore (Sep 2019): Delivered a talk on "DL-on-the-Edge"; invited by Google Cloud Developers Community(GCDC), Mumbai and Google Developers Group (GDG), Bangalore.

2. Speaker @ Google DevFest, Mumbai (Oct 2018): Delivered a talk on "Knitting your first Neural Network - on Google Colaboratory"; invited by GCDC, Mumbai.

3. Keynote Speaker @Developer Weekend (Sep 2018): Delivered a keynote on "Applied Machine Learning Techniques"; invited by DeveloperWeekend and SIES-GST, Navi Mumbai.

4. Speaker @ Google DevFest, Mumbai (Oct2017): Delivered a talk on "Machine Learning - for a Cause"; invited by GDGMumbai.

"Este corazón quiere más!"

  • Education
    • Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI)