I. de Pablo

Small Business Owner in Herndon, Virginia

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I hold both a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Risk, Crisis & Emergency Management from the George Washington University in Washington D.C.

My extensive background in the field of emergency management, law enforcement training, EMS, risk mitigation, continuity of operations for businesses and pet safety gives me the leading edge in the pet safety industry.

Prior to starting Wag'N Enterprises, LLC (aka the Pet Safety Gear, Services and consulting brand) and Wag'N O2 Fur Life, LLC (aka the Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative), I had acquired a substantial background in the safety & security industry. My safety oriented career started in 1999 while working at a Washington DC-based emergency management company. It was there where I learned tactical skills, and provided marksmanship and defensive driving training to law enforcement and government agencies. Those skills led to the creation of The Emergency Management Network.

With refined skills in my grasp, I was deeply moved by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the lack of preparedness which resulted in the unnecessary death and abandonment of roughly 600,000 pets. It was this shocking and unfortunate event that propelled me to apply my expertise to offer Pet Emergency Management solutions to service industries, first responders and pet parents to effectively mitigate, prepare and respond to emergencies that impact pet health and safety as Wag'N Enterprises, the first and only dedicated Pet Emergency Management Company in the World.

I hold pertinent certifications as Technical Animal Rescue Technician, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT), Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Technician, American Humane: Disaster Sheltering for Companion Animals, American Humane Basic Animal Emergency Services Training, Humane Society's "Dog Bite Prevention for Law Enforcement & Other First Responders", Humane Society's "Interpreting Animal Behavior for Safe Handling", Red Cross Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats, Pet First Aid Instructor with Pet Tech Inc., Fairfax County (VA) Community Emergency Response Team Level II. I am also certified in several FEMA courses such as IS-1, IS-5a, IS-10, IS-11, IS-100a, IS-200a, IS-230, IS-317, IS-546a, IS-547a, IS-548, IS-700a, IS-800b