My earliest memory of being creative was when my Mum allowed me and my Brother to name her new hairdressing salon. We spent weeks drawing logo’s and coming up with ideas. We called it ‘Max Headroom’ after our favourite TV show character (and car park sign) Mum approved the name and ‘my’ logo and I still think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I moved to London when I was 18 with no job, no money and no qualifications from a college or university but a natural flair for creating visuals, graphics, photography and film. I (luckily) got a job working for D&AD for a few years as an awards co-ordinator. That was my apprenticeship.

Since then I’ve been an Art Director at Springer & Jacoby and M&C Saatchi. A freelancer at Anomaly, Work Club and WCRS, a Group head at DLKW LOWE and for last 9 years, a Creative Director at McCann Erickson, Brothers & Sisters and Fallon (I’ve also worked on freelance projects in Berlin & Amsterdam)

I’ve managed global brands on global projects and been a one man agency working for local charities for nothing. Nowadays, all briefs are more challenging. Technology changed everything. But it’s never been more exciting to find big simple creative answers to these problems wherever they exist.I like to use creativity as a problem solver, to help grow someone’s business, or their belief. I try, whenever possible, to keep things simple.

I’m married to Carla, who’s given me 5 beautiful daughters. We try to live a balanced life of love and laughter next to the sea where we are currently trying to build our own house.