Kari F.

Artist, Musician, and Designer in California

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A.K.A. "infurnus" or "infurnus1"


Artist, designer, self taught electronic musician.

I love art, animation, cartoons (still image), synthesizers (especially frequency modulation "FM" ones). Was born in the 80s.

Currently doodling cartoons and learning about animation, and making music whenever inspiration hits me. I also play and study video games and design in my spare time as a hobby. Looking into releasing a game some day.

Due to a tight budget, I cannot afford every synthesizer I want, so I usually have to use either free or more affordable computer software alternatives. I most often use sound synthesizers, though I am always open to experimenting with wavetable/sample synthesis. A lot of what I use, for music or otherwise, is what I like to call "vintage software", which means that it's old, sometimes out of date or otherwise not updated any more. Some from the 90s. This doesn't make them any less cool sounding/looking! (usually!)


Used tools for art include: Pen or mechanical pencil w/ Staedtler erasers, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 (vintage software that still works on my computer even after 15 years!), D-Pixed (vintage pixel/8-bit art software, which I use for dithered retro gradients/shading), Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga/Comic Studio; digital & traditional styled drawing/painting & comic/manga creation software), Art Rage (traditional style drawing/painting software)

Used tools for music include: Musagi (simple open-source DAW by Tomas "DrPetter" Pettersson & newer builds by Timur "Taron" Baysal), OpenModplugTracker (aka OpenMPT, free music software), VGM Music Maker (vintage; Sega soft-synth by Alex "Shiru" Semenov), WinGroove (vintage; MIDI soft-synth by Hiroki Nakayama), Yamaha synths (vintage; XG soft-synth & OPL3), Roland drum machines, FMDrive (Sega FM soft-synth by Ali James), Synth1 (Clavia Nord Lead 2 soft-synth by Ichiro Toda), Adlib Tracker II (vintage FM music software that makes music on any vintage OPL FM sound card), Audacity

Hardware synths: Korg Monotron, Alesis Micron, Casio Realistic Concertmate-500 (same as their old SK-1)

Some musical influences include: Kraftwerk, Front 242, Yellow Magic Orchestra, & P-Model. Countless video game musicians.

Many songs can be found in the deepest, darkest reaches of the internet, well hidden from mankind. Can you find them all?


Also helped make Odamex, Doom port used at Quakecon.

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