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ICP has a long-running legacy of innovation in the concrete accessories industry. Starting in 1966, George Hartzheim founded our first concrete company, manufacturing dobies for the rebar fabricators and placers. Since the inception of the company, the rebar fabricator and placer was our primary product for concrete reinforcement. Today we continue the legacy of innovation with new products and new markets. We service dealers and contractors nationwide with high quality concrete spacers, plastic spacers, rebar ties, slab bolsters, and more. If you’re looking for a supplier with a proven history and excelling in performance, look no further.

We boast the largest inventory of dobies in the country, ready to ship when your order is placed. If you’ve ever been told you have to wait for dobies, the word wait is not in our vocabulary. We test our mix designs daily to ensure that your orders meet the criteria you expect. Our plastic parts are free of flash and produced from injection molds with the latest technology. Our regular strength dobies will average a compressive strength between 4,000 and 5,000 psi. We regularly stock higher strength dobies for DOT work in many sizes. Our range of bricks, dobies, and form spreaders is the largest inventoried product line in the industry. For our line of plastic bar supports we use engineered resins and our load strengths are among the best in the industry.
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