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Web Developer and Software Engineer in Seoul, South Korea

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Hello! I'm insanehong. But i'm not insane. ;-)

I currently for NAVER Corp as a Front-end Engineer.

Like this

Javascript, PHP, Dart, Node.js, HTML, CSS

A11y, RWD, Git, Twitter Bootstrap, Haroopress, Lean Startup


Pascal.js - Data Statistics Library with javascript

gig - gitignore generator for cli with nodejs

strp - string extension module with nodejs

extendsJS - Javascript Built-in Object Extenstions

Protip - Jquery Tip Plugin - not yet. soon

Hackrslab Co-founder width @dgkim84

FRENDS Member - Yammer Group Member

KGUG(Korea Git User Group) Founder

playnode Organizer -

Incorrect Note Project -

Yobi -

  • Work
    • NAVER
  • Education
    • Computer Science and Statistics