Inspire Afrika

Inspiration is not easy to come by these days. On a continent such as Africa where our image has been tainted with images of war, poverty, disease and despair Inspire Afrika wants to shine light on the youth that despite circumstances are taking a stand to change the face of the continent.

Inspire Afrika is proof that Africa and most importantly it's youth has more to offer than poverty, disease or despair. On the contrary it is a continent of beautiful paradoxes in the face of despair are the smiles of hopeful faces, in a place where investments seem shaky many youth take the leap of faith, they have taken the promise and dreams of Africa and made them reality. If only the media would be concerned with showing the world this aspect of Africa for a change.

Inspire Afrika Web-Magazine is a place to showcase the talent and potential of young Africans who are driven by the will to bring and see change in their beloved country and continent. It is a celebration of these young men and women who take a leadership role in their respective industries, field, associations or communities to bring real change around them both back home and within the African Diaspora. Inspire Afrika is a place where other young Africans can come and be inspired by the courage and work of their peers so they in turn can see that they have the power to change the course of our beloved continent.

Established in Febuary 2012 by five young Africans, from Cameroon and Ghana respectively who felt the need to empower African Youth and show the world it's potential, be it Francophone or Anglophone Africans. The first five successful issues have dealt with various topics such as the African educational system, focused on women, recently on the African entertainment industry, to state a few among many topics.

We investigate the progress of Africa by interviewing young men and women who have established start-ups, are involved in politics, created non for profit organizations, set up world wide companies, we show that the proud African Youth is taking the image of Africa to a whole new level.

The goal is to showcase Africa's potential and progress from every angle and through various fields and industries as the youth enter boldly into these domains.

We hope that through the inspiring young African personalities, pioneers, visionaries that we feature in the magazine, we can inspire all African y