Interactive Monument

Interactive Monument

The interactive monument pays the homage to survivors and victims of holocaust through the testimony of Marketa Novakova. Woman who survived concentration camps Terezin and Ausswitz. The exhibit aims to propose an innovative scenographic approach using the most recent technologies to involve, engage, immerse physically and emotionally the audience in this tragic chapter of the 20th century.

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The buste of Marketa Novakova – Technology Life Illusion

We literally brought statue of Marketa Novakova to life by combining video mapping and interactive technology - to operate the impossible and to immerse audience. The breath of life awakens the statue when the a visitor is present. When the audience approach the installation, a real size statue of Marketa Novakova, Marketas' eyes open and blink (video projection/mapping) and audio record with Marketa's voice tells her story. However, if the viewer moves away, the statue falls silent. If there is no active listener, the stories of our history will silently pass out of our minds.


The monument was inspired by photographs from the Auschwitz Album - Collections, which is preserved after the war and was later published in the book form. Picture shows a group of Czech Jews, coming to Auschwitz prisoners. Marketa's cousin Ilsa accidentally discovered this book in a bookstore. Among women clipped bald she identified herself and Marketa. Marketa Novakova comes from a Jewish family, in her 17 years, she was deported to Terezin and after she got into the same transport with her husband to Auschwitz. Later on to the forced labor in Poland armory. After the war she found just some of her loved ones alive. In Prague she raised two children and now she is a great-grandmother.

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