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Current trends in housing design are called modern interior design. This broad concept is associated with a whole group of interior trends that are responsive to the demands of the time. They are united by the desire for purity and clarity of lines, selectivity in the decor, orientation on practicality.

We define the terminology. Is there a difference between the content of phrases modern interior and modern style? There is!

The first is a generalized name for a group of trends similar in ideology in the design of apartments and houses. And the second - just one of these currents.

It is worth mentioning that today, experts note the departure from pure style in the direction of mixed, compromise design ideas. And this means new expressive means, interesting zoning techniques and fresh planning solutions.

Originating as a style of luxury and glamor, the current art deco in the interiors is more democratic and available for sale. The direction is among the trends in interior design in 2019-2020.

Good for both spacious country houses and small apartments. Adapted to modern materials (including artificial), retains the principle of symmetry, natural motifs in the decor.

The design in high-tech style is full of technical innovations - the "smart home" system, voice and remote control commands. Moreover, the electronics are not displayed for show, but are hidden to emphasize the free layout.