Sumet Jiaravanon

Project Manager, Designer, and Writer in Thailand

Sumet Jiaravanon

Project Manager, Designer, and Writer in Thailand

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What do you need for Intex Pool?

Swimming pools have become a must-have for those who want to make the best use of their outdoor spaces during the summer months. Some of our favorite models sell out as soon as they are refilled.

If you're looking to add the best above-ground pools to your court, you need to look at Prism Pools.

Prism Pools sells INTEX swimming pools of all sizes with a complete set of water filters. We have pools from size 10 feet to 32 feet with installation team.

All INTEX swimming pools are manufactured to European standards. There are spare parts for every pool. Ready to take care of customers throughout the use. The PRISM POOLS team has been appointed as an official distributor of INTEX swimming pools in Thailand.

surface level

Intex pools must be placed on a level surface consisting of grass. Congested dirt or sidewalks. Do not place the pool on muddy floors, wooden floors, balconies, or other elevated surfaces. Placing and filling the pool on uneven surfaces can make the pool unstable. It can even collapse and cause personal injury or property damage. Floor cloths should be placed under the pool before placing them. especially on the grass Because some hard grasses such as St. Augustine and Bermuda It can grow through the lining of the pool and can damage the bottom of the pool. Check the residential city code to see if you need to install a fence around the pool area for safety reasons.

air pump

Intex offers two types of pools, the Easy Set and the Oval Frame, that require an air pump to install. Because there is an air blowing ring at the top edge of the pool. Use an Intex manual air pump or other conventional air pump to inflate the air. Avoid high pressure air pumps such as air compressors. This can damage the pool. All other Intex pools do not require an air pump.

pool ladder

Intex pools 15 feet in diameter and larger require a pool ladder to allow consumers to safely enter and exit the pool. Most Intex pools in this size range come with a ladder. If not Measure the height of the pool and purchase a pool ladder of the appropriate size.

Chemicals and cleaning equipment

Intex pools, like other pools Suitable filters, pumps and chemicals such as chlorine are required to keep the pool water clean and hygienic for swimmers. Cleaning tools such as brushes, nets, and skimmers should be used to keep the sides and surfaces of the pool free of algae and debris.