Efstathios Iosifidis


I'm Farm Animal Manager and dairy products technician. I took exams to study Veterinary Medicine.

Involvement with openSUSE:

1. Member

2. Marketing team - Advocate

3. Member of Travel Support Program

4. Coordinator of Greek translations

5. Coordinator of Greek social media (facebook, google plus, twitter)

6. Enlightenment team member (social media, wiki)

7. MATE Desktop team member (social media, wiki)

Involvement with Gnome:

1. Gnome Foundation Member

2. Greek Gnome Community marketing team

3. Greek Gnome translator-reviewer

Involvement with MATE Desktop:

1. Social media, promotion

Involvement with Mozilla (Mozillian):

1. Coordinator for translation of Appmaker

2. Translator for Webmaker

Involvement with ownCloud (www.owncloud.org)

1. Owncloud Translatior

2. Promotion in Greece

Involvement with Razor-qt (www.razor-qt.org)

1. Coordinator of translations