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The most effective Decking Materials out there

Ipe Wood

You will find a great deal of decking resources available on the market. Composite, recycled, reclaimed, vinyl, normal. Sorting by means of the dizzying quantity of alternatives can be overpowering and confusing. It may surprise you but with each of the materials in the marketplace the most effective decking substance continues to be wood. But this isn't just any wooden - it's teak wooden.

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Heritage and Traits

Teak is probably the most sought-after and durable of all woods. Initially in the locations of torrential rainfall, teak has an impressive power to arise for the aspects. For more than 13 hundred several years teak wooden is the popular substance for shipbuilders and woodworkers because of its legendary resistance to rot. The HMS Trincomalee, the oldest British warship nevertheless afloat, was made of teak practically 2 hundred many years in the past. The amazing proven fact that this ship continues to be afloat right after hundreds of years of currently being submerged in h2o can be a testomony to teak's exceptional sturdiness.


It really is acceptance as a construction content for boat decks makes teak an obvious choice when it comes to decking material to get a residence. What makes teak wooden wonderful and especially fascinating is it's exceptional ability to resist moisture, termites, acid and fungus. The exclusive resin articles in teak can be dependable for it truly is ability to resist the natural warping and cracking that may take place in excess of the lifestyle of most other decks. Teak also possesses a remarkable level of silica that gives teak decking boards a natural non-slip coating and teak looks excellent even when not dealt with with oil or varnish.


When it comes to selecting a decking content it's important to search for a fabric which is the two sturdy, aesthetically satisfying and eco-friendly. Since teak is highly sought after you can find some environmental concerns, like the disappearance of unusual old-growth teak. Nonetheless, the demand from customers has led to eco-friendly progress in sustainable plantation creation.

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