Dr I Pearson, aka Timeguide

Female Health Futurist

I am a futurist focused on women's wellbeing, covering every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional, romantic and social health, aiming to inspire more women futurists and engineers.

My book Women's Health Technology, describes my AI-biotech inventions to improve our physical health, feminine hygiene, fertility, sex and menopause. AI would work in our bodies with active skin, EDNA, synthetic biology and novel cybernetic life to keep us healthy as Woman-AI hybrids. This technology promises early diagnosis and cures for our major diseases - breast, cervical and ovarian cancers, heart disease, endometriosis, strokes and neurodegenerative diseases.

To ensure our overall wellbeing as women, I also reflect on our beauty, makeup, fashion, relationships, love, sex, romance, our emotional wellness, life transitions, and aging. Be a New Woman covers every aspect of our personas and self-expression; not just our outward fashion, beauty, and femininity, but our inner women—our attitudes, behaviors, and emotions. It provides guidance on becoming the most resilient, self-confident, emotionally balanced, and empowered women we can be.

Continuing my theme of Total Female Wellbeing are my books Achieving Emotional Connection through Intimate Dance and my 26th book, Wellness and Romance via Dance - Female Health, Love, and Empowerment. They address our emotional, romantic and social wellness.

I have 33 years experience serving thousands of clients, combining knowledge with a balance of curiosity, creativity, discernment, full-system thinking and intuition, empathy and caring. My work has embraced STEM fields of female health, Femtech, AI, biotech and synthetic biology, evolution, IT, machine consciousness, quantum, space tech, renewable energy, sustainability, architecture, and transport. I made 2,250 inventions in those fields, listed in A Futurist Invents.

In tranquil moments I find my own wellness, peace, joy and empowerment through acrylic painting, songwriting, composing, and playing keyboards.

I'm a Chartered IT Engineer, a Life Member of the BCS and Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. I have previously held 5 fellowships of academic institutions.


email: [email protected]

Blog: https://timeguide.wordpress.com


Last updated 10th July 2024