I Pearson

Futurist, inventor, and Visionary in London, United Kingdom

I Pearson

Futurist, inventor, and Visionary in London, United Kingdom

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Dr I Pearson, aka Timeguide.

Futurist, inventor, visionary, nurturer of dreams

For 32 years I've been a futurist, wandering through the realm of STEM, blending the rigorous with the sensitive, advising thousands of diverse clients, including many you might recognize. I always take a full-system, full life-cycle view, combining my intuition and accumulated knowledge, attentive to impacts across all sectors and the nuances of social and geopolitical dynamics.

My tapestry of work weaves together STEM fields of biotechnology, evolutionary biology, AI, machine consciousness, quantum theory, quantum computing, space launch technologies, renewable energy, sustainability, architecture, transport, and the softer, more delicate intricacies of fashion, beauty, cosmetics and love. During this exploration, I've made over 2,000 inventions across all of those fields

I'm particularly keen on inspiring and helping women to participate in futurology, believing passionately in a future with better gender balance in both tech and futurology.

In quiet moments, I explore the world of art, letting my creativity flow via acrylic painting and occasionally composing music.

I am a Chartered IT Engineer and Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

17 books (8 co-written with ChatGPT)

Contact details:

phone number: +44 7515 774923

email: [email protected]

Blog: https://timeguide.wordpress.com



Last updated Sep 2023