Ipek Altun

Editor, Project Manager, and Psychologist in Turkey

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started with chasing hype stuff but dwelling in grounded matters has its distinct charm. either case digital/tech culture, well-being and creativity are the chief topics i have personally concerned.

for some preserved online works and pursuits:

ststurkey - currently supporting this research network which aims to contemplate contemporary issues in tech, science and medicine fields, a little bit scholarly but also socially

kıyımüzik - nice and calm coastline for wondering and talking on music and ourselves once in a while

manifold - a well-rounded and giant essay book addressing topics on design, tech, art and everyday life that i would like to keep contributing with intriguing cases

bigumigu - where, as a team member for the two and a half years, we chased creative and quirky works, international and local trends, industrial issues

the blog above (in Turkish) was an attempt to write anything that urged me to handle. unfortunately, doesn't live there anymore - tech living organism as we know it - but some social links do below.