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The VPN Proves to Be a Powerful, Accessible Tool for Those Concerned With Internet Security

Whether it is because of concerns about the NSA eavesdropping on Internet activity or an understandable fear of hackers, more people are taking online security and privacy more seriously. Be default, the average user's Internet activity is tracked, followed, and analyzed by a whole host of sources, from online advertising networks to search engines and social media services. Over time, a portfolio of telling, personally identifiable information inevitably builds up, making users vulnerable to identification and a whole host of potential attacks.This growing realization has led many people to explore alternatives and ways of forcibly opting out of the online status quo. One of the most powerful tools available to those who go this route is the virtual private network, a kind of encrypted connection that hides a user's real IP address, while still allowing for full, natural use of the Internet.A VPN connection alone will not entirely safeguard someone who uses it, but it can be a big help. Because a VPN connection substitutes a secure, remote server for a user's usual entry point onto the Internet, eavesdroppers, trackers, and hackers will be stymied in their efforts to trace traffic back to a particular user.While it used to be that setting up and using a VPN was a task best left to the most technologically inclined, that is no longer the case. Modern VPN providers have learned how to make the process incredibly easy, to the point that virtually anyone who can double click can take advantage. Providers even make it simple for users to select from a variety of potential endpoint destinations, as with the IPvanish server list that allows customers to make it seem like they are connecting from any of a number of countries.This option is also increasingly affordable, too. Prices for VPN connections have dropped to the point that what would have bought a month's worth of access a few years ago now often suffices for a year. Those looking for the most cost-effective answers can often do even better by shopping a