Director, Filmmaker, and Photographer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I’m working as a freelancer right now. Film editor – is the identity, I most preferably suit in. Always prefer to walk through the less traveled path – as according to my work and thoughts. The film industry is continuously growing on the shoulder of hundreds of young minds dream of pursuing a career as film maker. My aim is to become a part of this journey and contribute to it in some bigger extant.

Technology allures me from childhood. For many of my friends, I am a very down to earth person- closer to the real world of flesh and blood and hard working at the same time. It is an amazing experience for me to read and learn more about film and film making. Trying to learn every pros and cons of this art in my very own way.

My friends and family are at the center of my world. During my leisure time, you will find me watching a good movie perhaps, or passing some quality time with my friends, or lazily – without doing anything substantial. I mean, who does not love to have a lovely nap at afternoon, right?

Photography is my passion. Traveling and discovering the unseen world is my passion too. I love the beauty of blue sky, I love sea, I can spend a whole time looking at the dazzling moon at a moonlit night. Sometimes, I feel that I should have wings to fly along with my dreams freely like a bird in the sky. I prefer working for people selflessly.

Things I like: Truth and Beauty.

Things I dislike: Lie and Treachery.

  • Work
    • Filimnama Production House
  • Education
    • University of Dhaka