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You will need to provide information about your sexual orientation, gender, age, country of birth, flight schedule, intended travel, and vaccination records in order to obtain the Saint Lucia Travel Registration form. Before submitting the form, you must have a valid international flight ticket. Fully vaccinated visitors and travelers with a documented travel history restricted to the Bubble States will be exempted from quarantine for the period stipulated in their registration card. No one above the age of sixty-five years old, who does not have an entry document to the United States or a person who is in violation of any law relating to sex, immigration, narcotics, or any other punishable offence, will be permitted to proceed with the journey.

In the case of visitors who are travelling with children, you have to mention the name and contact number of a registered childcare provider who can be contacted during the journey. Your Saint Lucia travel registration form must also include the contact number and name of your consular representative who can be reached for advice and queries. The consular representative has the authority to deny or grant a travel authorization to anyone whose name and details you have not provided.

The Saint Lucia travel registration form also mentions the host country's flag and emblem. These documents may be required for your journey. However, you will only be permitted a short stay. St. Lucia is a British Overseas Prohibited Area. This means that any travel within its borders is strictly prohibited without a permit from the Office of Immigration. The same applies to all official vehicles that are used in the area for immigration purposes, as well to private aircraft that depart the airport for personal travel or vacation.

If you have a passport already, make sure you have it with you before you travel. You will then have to undergo a PCR test result, which will confirm whether or not you are eligible for a visit to Saint Lucia. In cases where your passport was lost or stolen, or you obtained another copy of your passport, you should immediately inform the nearest embassy or Consulate General. Once you have arrived in Saint Lucia, these offices will issue you a temporary copy. If you plan to fly to Saint Lucia, check your ticket or baggage for details about the duration of your stay in the Quarantine Zone.