Ishan Jain


HI there!! I’m Ishan, an 18 years old techie guy who likes to watch animation movies, playing computer games, photography, drawing, painting, music,…... I like to play volley-ball and love swimming. My genuine interests are in Science and technology, Photography, Reading, Travelling, Singing, Driving, etc. I had my first photography exhibition when I was 12, i.e. in 2008.

My best critics are my Mummy, Papa and Friends. My Papa, he always say: “Now you should reduce your screen hours…” and by screen hours, he means Lappy, T.V., Tablet and Mobile.

In my childhoodI used to love screwdriver and tools so much, that in morning, when nothing else worked to wake me up, my Papa used to say, “Hey Ishan!!! Have you seen the screwdriver???” and with the result, I would immediately get up.

What I wanna be in life:-

So far it is not fixed but time will tell where I am destined to go. I wanna be an engineer in my life and inclined to go in any one of the following branches – CS, Information Technology, Electronics, Telecommunication, Nano-Technology, Software development. I would like to make technology available to common man and would like to exploit it for the welfare of the mankind.

Well, Where ever I go, Whatever I do, One thing I’m sure about my self is, With my work, I’ll make this world more beautiful and pleasant to live in.