Jessica Riley

San Francisco, CA

Deciphering the true meaning of play, professionally.

​I design and implement organizational strategy, manage development teams, and design work process solutions. I bring a high degree of technical understanding to projects with focused experience in a startup environment. I love extracting the story from the data and creating a compelling human narrative. I am highly adaptable, adept at working in the field, and thrive on producing creative solutions.​

I am an advocate of interdependent development and a hopeful futurist. I am inspired by ​disruptive ​social ​and technological ​innovation.​ Recently, I have been getting very interested in utilizing large data sets to understand how ideas move through a culture . I am very excited about:

- Thinking about improving the manner in which people communicate and collaborate in a work environment.

- Creating environments that encourage deep and meaningful interactions.

- Extracting compelling and moving narratives that forge connections between individuals, organizations, and communities.

- Optimizing individual human potential for the betterment of society.

My spirit animal is a meerkat in a tiger suit liable to engage raucous debate whenever my neurons are properly stimulated.

My current projects include: Icarus Interstellar, the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, and the Space Frontier Foundation.