Gokhan Gultekin

Entrepreneur in Turkey

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Gokhan is currently Co-Founder at Peakode, one of the leading mobile app development agency in Turkey. He is chasing new trends and opportunities as a technology entrepreneur for the last 2 years.

Passionate about mobile apps, machine learning and internet of things. In the last 6 years, he has developed over 30 apps for startups as well as enterprises as a professional iOS app developer. Also experienced in project management, business development and company management since Peakode was co-founded in 2014. He managed a team based in Peakode, working on products in the ”internet of things” other than Peakode’s commercial apps/projects. After sleepless nights, he created a prototype called “Mint smart alarm” with talented Peakode engineers.

He has just started a new company called Crow AI and became of the co-founders of it at the beginning of 2017. Crow AI is a simple machine learning service. He focuses on data visualisation and machine learning basics for almost a year. He believes in “Machine learning is not the future. It's part of everything we have today.” as Rajat Monga from Google Brain Team said.

He enjoys doing public speaking about new technologies, attended 10 activities so far -mostly organised in universities- in the past 5 years as a public speaker.

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