İsmail Mursallı

Human Resources, Information Technology, and Musician in Istanbul, Turkey

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Hello! I’m İSMAİL. and live-in İstanbul. I work as a Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Arcelik Global.

I have worked for 10 years as Human Resources Professional at companies, engaged in production on electronic/cooling/automotive sectors.

I'm respectful and open-minded about new ways of producing ideas, an idealist, detail-oriented person who can take initiative and take the responsibilities. I ‘m patient and kind; when people look at me, they see my courage and strength. And I always who is eager to gain new experiences. Being inquisitive is a gift. A gift because there’s always something new to learn, you’re a student of life until the end of days. I crave to learn. In my free time, I like doing research on the internet, I write some subjects about education, personal development and career to my blog page ( reading books about education, personal development, and travel. I also watch a lot of history, scientific and travel documentaries. Moreover, my other activities and interests include listening to music, amateur photography, painting, drawing caricatures, ride a bicycle, love to travel and experience different cultures, and spending time with my friends and family. I was also specifically interested in music. I play acoustic guitar for 15 years and as amateur write lyrics and compose songs...

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