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Inaya Issa has been in retail business since 1988, worked various jobs such as executive customer service, regional supervisor, food quality, deli/bakery hot food expert and staff trainer. I have acheived a food handling certificate, currently studing at CDI business administration and management. recently i have been assigned as a project manager where i am in charge of preparing new locations of rabba foods her main job is to prepare a store to open at a specific period of time,i am a planner and event coordinator she also has a catering certificate. I believe that in every project i use the three little pigs story one made his house of straw the wolf blew it away the second of hay and it also was blowen away but the third built his house of brick and the wolf couldnt blow it away this theory goes well towards a good business structure if its built right it will succeed.

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    • Entrepreneur
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    • Business admeristration diploma