Ryan Morgan

notting hill

My name is Ryan Morgan. I am 24 and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am the younger of my two brothers and one sister. I was born on Christmas Day and it is true that I don’t always get to celebrate my birthday separately with birthday gifts and cake. It’s always blended in with the Christmas holiday. This makes me a Sagittarius and it is true that I am friendly but I do love to argue if the subject is something I feel strongly about. I am not one that smokes and I do have an occasional drink or two but just to be social. I’m not a fan of drinking parties.

I love the outdoors and I love all sports. You can never keep me inside as I love being out in the sun. I am a huge fan of traveling and looking forward to more traveling within the next few years. I have been to Greece, London, and the United States a few times, plus Ireland just to name a few places.

I am the manager of over two hundred people in a food warehouse. It is a very stressful job at times but then again I do love my work. Depending on the day and if my workers are working as fast as they can, there are no problems. Warehouse racking is something that needs doing everyday so I do keep an eye on this to keep the warehouse running smoothly and the food leaving quickly. Without racking the food and the work would be time-consuming so racking systems do work.

I do go to school a few nights a week and I am studying to be a business partner within this food warehouse. I have two more years to study but I am guaranteed this job and that would have me overseeing the entire company of six hundred thirty-two employees which is one of my dreams as I do love people. Once I finish with my studies and get this job I’ll be ready to settle down and have a family of my own.