Issy Zinaburg


Interior design coach Issy Zinaburg is bringing a new approach to interior design – helping people to discover their innate interiors style in order to create a home as unique as they are.

A mum-to-be, wife, self-confessed design geek and travel obsessive, she is doing her best to create an interior design revolution one room at a time. She has personally lived through numerous interior design projects, and worked with clients on interior design projects with budgets ranging from hundreds to 6-figures – that’s how she realized that what she enjoys most is working with clients to gain design confidence and discover their own innate style, rather than working with those who want her to dictate to them exactly how their interior should look.

Her own personal interior style is playful, quirky, full of colour and inspired by the many adventures she loves to go on with her wonderful husband of 5 years…and her Dream Design Destination is Rio de Janeiro. In fact she was lucky enough to spend 4 months living there in 2013 and hopes to go back again someday soon!

  • Work
    • Interior Design Coach
  • Education
    • Istituto Europe di Arti Operative
    • Edinburgh University
    • Kingston University