Stephanie Macaraeg

Pearl of the orient seas.

A pathetic, try-hard blogger. You'll barely notice me in a crowded place. I make the worst decisions. Bipolar. I stay up late for no reason AT ALL. Hopeless Romantic. Socially Awkward. Really really really hate compliments. Pretty much suck at EVERYTHING. 17-year-old. Annoyingly unattractive. Loves chocolates and sweets. Speaks sarcasm as a third language. Professional procrastinator. People sometimes (always) look down on me. Jesus is my Savior. Yay me. A 'How I Met Your Mother' fan. Self-proclaimed bookworm. Some people described me as weird and random but that's okay 'cause I think it's cute. :) I have a bad eyesight and I'm living with an unhealthy lifestyle.