Racye Miller

I survived the Hood!!! Baby girl born 3/14/1963 to a beautiful dysfunctional family, and from my point of view everything was negative. I was told, I would'nt live to reach the age of 16 and once I reached the age of 16, I was told I would'nt make it to adulthood. So I lived like I was gonna die in the Hood, in between two rival gang, I survived the cross fire. I survived drug addiction & abuse of all kinds - verbal,sexual, & physical...I survived. I changed my way of thinking, from someone destin to die to someone wanting to live, I survived... I found what I thought was love & started my own family, I survived...I returned to school to further my education, I survived... I worked countless jobs as a single parent to take care of my family of three, I survived...I've lived, I've Loved, & I've Lost yet I survived... Thank God I am here! I Survived!!!