i Svelte

Shriram Spandhana, Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore

We have created Svelte out of our hobby....picking up the right products at decent price.

We named our company Svelte "svElt" (meaning elegant / graceful) as we want to adorn everyone and everything around our customer more voguish and adorable.

Svelte is our initiative towards connecting customer directly to the products that are not only contemporary with fashion, but are also ahead in style. We have started this company with focus on four areas, i.e. Jewellery, fashion-accessories, home-decor and clothes.

As a launch of this company we are exhibiting at select countries USA, India, Thailand and Singapore with our full range. To create an impressive range of quality-products we have hand-picked these items one-by-one from various countries (Non-Chinese make).

People partnering with us carry two decades of merchandising experience in South-East Asia.
In past few months our consciousness for quality, customization and exclusivity has led us emergence as an internationally known brand for exclusive items.

To get a glimpse of our range please browse thru the each section of our website.
If you have dealt with Svelte before please write about us at http://www.facebook.com/iSvelte.