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hi my name is lee (he/him), i'm a 16 y/o third year high school student, a gemini, and my mbti type is infp. i really really really like video games i'm usually always on my 3ds or xbox bc i have nothing else to fill the gay void that is my heart LMAO! some of my specific interests include:

• fire emblem,

• ssb4,

• scott pilgrim,

• BIRDS!!! if u send me funny bird video i'll love u

• cats too,

• and goats send goat vids too,

• skullgirls (i love filia,,),

• bioshock,

• history (like the subject), and

• dying :)

i like meeting new ppl i think but when it comes to talking i don't like to,,,? idk i'm just weird about talking to new ppl????? so yeah,,,,,, i like having mutuals and seeing what they're up to, but as soon as i start talking i like clamp up BYE so like sorry if ur a new follower and i never talk to u i'm just nervous and gay,,, OK I THINK THAT'S ALL THERE IS ABOUT ME i'm actually kind of boring ok bye (p.s. the "read my blog" link is just a link to my insta)