Grand Prairie Texas United States

Hi, my name is Adam. I'm a 17 year old teenager who is not only making his dreams to do in life as he grows up but to be making your and others around the U.S.A put real products with your ideas. Your imagination on a T-Shirt can as you tell me once I get enough money to, but I'm not just saying this to get you to buy something, I'm here trying to help you know a bit about who I am, what I am doing, what I do, and why I am doing the things I do! I am known on a social site called Instagram for being a writer and/or advice writer. I started on December, 29th 2013 I was anonymous writer and posting on Facebook, but I got hacked and the account was permanently deleted. So stayed away from the writing because nobody got to know who I was and no one would believe me. Well I started thinking about posting paragraphs again, but on Instagram. At first I was worried no one would believe me about writing paragraphs, but people did and then months later I started writing again, more people followed me, more people shared more posts, and I was back at writing. And yes many people who are my fans/supporters like my 2nd big family to me say I'm perfect, but I'm not and we all know that, but my life is tough at moments with my family, but I learned to stay strong and be happy I have a family there for me for anything! My Mom raised not to be a bad person, My Mom taught me not to let anyone bully me but sometimes you got to stick up for yourself even if you get in trouble. Since I have learned so much about teenagers and relationships aren't anything different than anyone's, I have decided to put my love and heart to everyone that is depressed, sad, hurt, broken, scared or anything. I'm not here to use anyone or take advantage of being known, I'm not here to show off or be better, I'm only here to help and raise money for ideas to become wearable and to heal the hurting or broken heart out there! This is @isweetiee.