Iswint Timisoara

Timișoara, Romania

Let's ISWinT the World together!! ISWinT(International Students Week in Timisoara)is an international festival that gathers participants from all over the world each year since 1994. The purpose of this festival is to give an opportunity to the students from different countries to communicate freely, to express their opinions. Each edition’s theme was selected showing the student’s concerns towards the present and the future: “Our Generation, Our Future” (1994) “Communication For A New Europe I” (1995) “Communication For A New Europe II” (1996) “Let’s Build Together The Common European House” (1997) “A New Millennium, A New Europe I” (1998) “A New Millennium, A New Europe II” (1999) “Borders vs. Globalization” (2000) “The IIIrd Millennium – Intention Innovation Identity” (2001) “Future Education” (2002) “Attitude! Altitude!” (2003) "Human Rights: Is or Should?” (2004) “Beyond Boundaries >> Fast Forward!” (2005) “Future foundations for young minds” (2006) “Influences” (2007) "Revolution - real vocation meets virtual education" (2008) “It’s a new trend: EQUILIBRIUM!” (2009) "Closed Eyes, Open Mind" (2010) “Celebrate Innovation. Keep Tradition.”(2011) "Our world through a new perspective"(2012) "Exchanging ideas: cultural snapshot"(2013) This year the theme will be "New way of learning. Applied imagination"

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    • Liga AC
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    • Polytechnic University of Timișoara