It b Toni

Central Coast of California

Wow.....I can't believe I'm 50yrs young! I've got 2 grown children that I am so very poud of, my oldest Bridget is married to Jon who is in the Navy and she is currently working for a mortgage co. and also a liscensed real estate agent. Bridget and Jon are also the parents of the Angels in my beautiful grand-daughters Autumn Rose who is now 14 yrs old this year and then there's Isabella Jayne who is turning 5yrs in February.The hardest thing for me is that they live on the East Coast and I'm here on the West Coast. Then there's my youngest Michael who served 7 yrs in the Navy and now that he's a cilvian again he's living in Huntington Beach with his Best Friend Ryan. Michael also introduced his Sister to Jon because they were in the Navy together. Jon is still in the Navy.

As for myself I was born in southern California and lived in my hometown of West Covina until the age of 23.That is when my first husband Mike and I moved to Morro Bay.Ca..Mike and I split up in 1994 but still remained very good friends. I remarried in 2001 to David who is a Commercial Fisherman.

Mylife has not been a bed full of roses but it hasn't been a bad one either.But if there's one thing I know I've done right it's raising 2 of the Best Kids ever!

Since I wrote my Bio alot has changed in my life that has made me Question my purpose in life.... I am in a world of hurt since the passing of my kids dad and even though we were divorced we remained the Best of Friends and I NEVER imagined not having him in my life. My whole world has been turned upside down.....and I just keep asking God WHY?!

Everday has become a silent struggle for me, I smile on the outside but on the inside I'm full of tears.

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