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Chianti Wine

Chianti wine from Montemaggio has an intense ruby colour and a spicy perfume with a hint of wood. It also has a bouquet of rich floral notes, enriched with hints of fruits, pleasantly tannic and well balanced taste.

Company Overview:

The Montemaggio Estate is located in the Commune of Radda in Chianti in the heart of chianti classico riserva region. It is situated where once a 14th century tower stood above the old Roman road between Siena and Florence. Montemaggio also features on a map, dating back to 1560, of the “Captains of the Guelph Party” that is housed in the Podestria di Radda. The name Montemaggio derives from “monte maggiore” (Big Mountain) which indicates its elevated location.

The estate, which is a member of the Consortium of Chianti Classico, extends over an area of 70 hectares (about 190 acres) of vineyards, olive groves and woods; it is situated at 600 meters above the sea level. The vineyards which extend over 9 hectares (22 acres) mostly occupy a central position in the estate with remarkable south-west exposure in the terrestrial riches of galestro and overseas. They are mainly planted with Sangiovese, with the addition of small portions of Merlot, Pugnitello and Chardonnay.

Montemaggio follows the concept of a very high quality "Terroir" wine. They have a chance to look at the quality of wine in every bottle and make sure that the customer gets a very special product. The wines have been planted with a very high density per hectare (6250 plants/hectare in some vineyards). They then decide to produce a lower quantity of grapes per hectare (35-60 Ql/hectare, depending on the vintage), by regulating it through pruning and selection techniques. These characteristics, in addition to the exposure (south- southwest), the slopes, the micro-climate, the soil and the hard and accurate work done, guarantee a very high quality wine.

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Fattoria Montemaggio

Località Montemaggio

53017 Radda

Chianti Siena

Tel: 0577 738323

Fax: 0577 738820


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