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So, I got tired of doing my homework and thought I'd write this for you now (: Kyle, when I first saw you, I honestly thought, "Wow, he's so cute! I'll message him, but I doubt he'd ever talk to me." On the first day we talked, you made me smile right away. You were so nice, and I knew you'd be a good friend to me. You make me laugh, even when I don't want to, and you put me in the best moods ever. I used to always be in bad moods for some reason, but whenever I get a text from you, my heart skips a beat. You're so wonderful to me, and sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough for you, but when you tell me that you love me, it makes everything better. When I go to bed, you're the last person I think about because you mean that much to me. I love how you feel that you can tell me any and everything, and that you trust me. You make me so happy! I hate that we live so far away, but I really hope that we meet one day. I wish you could come visit me in the summer; that would make my entire the best ever. I really just wanna be with you, and be able to hold your hand and kiss you. I'd rather show how much I love you, rather than just saying it all the time. You make it easier to live my life because you're always there for me, and I always wanna be there for you baby. I love you so so so so so much!! Your Babygirl <3 @italianweapon @italianweaponofficial @italianweaponsongs @italianweaponofficialsongs @officialitalianweaponnewmixes @italianweapontweet @italianweapontweetsongs @italianweapontwittersongs @italianweapon @italianweaponofficial @italianweaponsongs @italianweaponofficialsongs @officialitalianweaponnewmixes @italianweapontweet @italianweapontweetsongs @italianweapontwittersongs