Itamar Banayan

Director in Israel

I am an experienced international Sales, Marketing and Business Development executive of both hardware and software companies, across all enterprise platforms.

Over the years, I have achieved significant results in developing and growing sales and new business opportunities, and my years "out in the field" have given me a deep understanding of various business cultures, along with a solid track record of success at building and managing rapidly growing companies.

I believe in excellence, team work and productive environment and I am confident that my experience and skillset will contribute and help companies seeking growth and innovation to reach their goals and targets.

Additional expertise include direct involvement in all aspects of:

* Recruiting and leading local and international sales teams,
* Multi-tier sales & distribution channel recruitment and management,
* Direct sales and C-level negotiations,
* Launching new products,
* Initiating local and international marketing campaigns,
* Pricing, presentations and training,
* Competitive positioning.