Prabhakar Muthu


IT and T Solution is a multi-skilled education provider with a highly competent tutors and strong academic presence. With years of a honed expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies, IT and T Solution adopts a competent global education model in providing value-based education.

IT and T solution's strongest advantage is its excellent pool of skilled resources, recruited from the finest clan of tutors in education industry.

We work in close partnership with the College's academic units to design, develop, and manage courses and programs that utilize the latest research in education and technology to develop resource that are unparalleled in their quality. We draw on our collaboration with an extensive network of faculty and staff to anticipate and respond to new market opportunities and to provide high quality, engaging educational experiences that will exceed learner expectations!

IT and T Solution gives great importance to providing high-quality education to students. By joining the course in IT and T Solution, you get:

A wide variety of career, professional, short-term and certification courses designed for the learning and career needs of students, working professionals and others.

The basic idea was to give perfect avenues to the aspiring IT's from the remote areas, who, despite their talent and capability, can not prosper in the glory of the limelight because of not having proximity to the right channel. With the IT boom sweeping the country and having met number of young aspirants who having more than enough quality and capability to succeed in the IT and BPO sector.

When value is a concern, IT and T is your best investment.