Service Provider

Manged IT for Companies of Any Size

Managed IT Services were once a commodity only Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations could afford. But the technology and influence of the profession have grown. An Service Provider is now a cost-efficient option available to even the smallest businesses. What exactly is a managed IT service? Look below for the answer.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer a broad variety of services. It is therefore necessary for customers to seek out an MSP that best suits their needs. MSPs install, manage, and repair the infrastructure of a business' internet system. At the same time, they offer software and troubleshooting tailored to their necessities. Narrowing down the services needed helps a company avoid spending too much with an MSP. Flexible service packages are a must when selecting the right provider.

MSPs attend to the daily needs of network users, safeguarding information security, negotiating and obtaining software licenses, and providing on-site computer and laptop repair. Many providers can supply parts that are hard to find or otherwise take awhile to replace, like LCD laptop screens. They also work to make sure hardware and software are completely compatible.

Companies store a lot of files online. These include training documents, trade secrets, memos, press kits, and advertising materials. A company needs to know these materials cannot be accessed by the wrong people. They also need to know the files are retrievable in the event of a system crash, human error, or natural disaster. The best MSPs will back up files on multiple servers, have backup servers to reduce system down-time, and possess the technology to retrieve data. They will often have their own clean rooms to lift information from demagnetized and broken hard drives. This means items stored on individual computers can usually be restored. To these ends, the best MSPs provide 24/7/365 IT Monitoring. This allows them to address problems quickly and even preempt them.

MSPs typically charge an initial set up fee. Then, barring any specialized tasks, they charge a flat monthly fee. Providers like IT ArchiTeks meet at the client company's headquarters to discuss needs. They then custom-design a plan that best suits the client