IT ~ Bloke Ltd

We provide brands and companies with deep level intelligence about the conversations consumers are having in both virtual and physical landscapes.

Through this insight and understanding we help companies build narratives that people want to engage with and share.

Through greater empathy and advocacy, consumers are inspired to involve brands actively and passively in their social interactions.

Put simply, we help brands to make a difference by behaving differently. We help brands be more sociable; building sustainable relationships over time with people who want to talk to them and about them.

Word of Mouth embraces mankind’s innate need to communicate and is driven by shared passion.

We help brands understand the passions that ignite social interactions so they can inspire communication on a one to one, one to several or one to many basis.

W.O.M. is not limited to verbal communication but is a consequence of sensory experiences so we help brands understand how they look, how they sound and how they feel, as well as how they talk.

Social media has exponentially increased the power of W.O.M. by making it possible for individuals to connect instantly with thousands of others who share their passion around the world.

We help build conversational ecosystems which support sustained interactions among passion groups…

Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing is one of the fastest growing and most economic means of mass marketing your brand or company, get in contact now to let us help your fully exploit its full potential.