OJ Spivey

OJ Spivey has been covering sports for the last 7 years and after realizing it was long overdue for more African Americans to talk sports on the air without the benefit of being an former pro athlete, started his own online radio show entitled "In The Clutch" in November of 2009. This Philadelphia native with a very distinctive voice got his feet wet in broadcasting by working such events as minor league baseball, college marching band shows, and serving as a semi-pro football public address announcer & reporter. He has made appearances on outlets such as ESPN Radio and Comcast SportsNet. Since going on the air with ITC, OJ has stayed committed to bringing his 14,000 plus listeners fun, engaging, and insightful sports talk from a diverse perspective. In addition, the love for his hometown Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, & Flyers does not go unnoticed. Although OJ is an avid sports fan & historian, He is not afraid to dig deep into the politics & hypocrisies of sports. His 'way off base' & 'out of left field' opinions often prove to be correct, or at the very least, something to think about. OJ Spivey co-hosts "Philly Sports Week", Saturday mornings on 900AM WURD and serves as a producer for The Yvonne Kandi Show. He still resides in Philadelphia with his wife & two children and enjoys traveling, playing softball, and attending sporting events.