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You will find a variety of products offered at incredible prices. iTech is a wholesaler and a retailer of custom 1000ft cables and accessories for networking. Our mission is to simplify connectivity through innovative products. Founded in 2012 as iTech having products with superior quality, value, innovation and customized cables for network installers.

iTechCables concentrated on giving unique connectivity products and network solutions to our customers while Giving unparalleled service and value-added solutions. Our employees and their dedication to providing our customers with superior cable products and superior service to support those products are what sets iTech apart from the competition. Our organization is dedicated to going beyond basic accomplishment by creating trust where your specific needs are addressed through products.

iTech Products:

iTech Offering a wide range of products – Network. Cat5e plenum BC & Cat6 plenum, Cat6 plenum Bare copper HDMI, SVGA, DVI, wall plates cables. All cables are available in the high-quality range, you can be sure your investment is protected for the long run.

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