Ästäröth Bäphömët

Hell, Norway

†††Ästäröth Ñëgäl Bäphömet is (Torture God) i am The Demon God Ov Torture, i am combined with the Puny Human i'd walks with, i and him are One, One in the same, a Controlled Possession, Here to cleanse this Filthy World Ov its Humanity, Feeding off the Fear and Pain Ov its Victims, he is Pain!††† An d i ,'hang out with bad companies...(drink beer,smoke marijuana,headbang with heavy music).....cause you learn only from bad companies! Thank You HEAVY METAL! DON'T say you're METALHEAD faggots,PUNKS AND ROCK AIN'T HEAVY MUSIC 'I DON'T REALLY GIVE A shit ABOUT you' B L A C K M E T A L .|. HAIL .|. 6 6 6 ♣☺••†††

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    • Black Magic
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    • Pentagram Prayer Satanic Black Magic 666
    • satanic university
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    • Hogwarts School of Black Magic Fuckery